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Grief. It is not something you go through. It is me. It is what I am. I am grief. It is etched on every bone. It is tattooed on every inch of skin. I am tears and loss and loneliness. … Continue reading

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Grief It is an ocean of longing of feeling   Sometimes it recedes and we lie, beached, catching our breath seeing glimpses of what it was like to not grieve   Sometimes it engulfs us drowning us in the past … Continue reading

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We all have angels in our lives, though usually we don’t realize it at the time. They’re the ones that float around the periphery of your life. You know them, you’re friends with them perhaps, and yet you know there’s … Continue reading

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Cemetery musings

So, I had occasion to visit a blog that I check on from time to time and noticed that the author was visiting family graves. And it got me to thinking… In our family, we went to the cemetery often … Continue reading

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