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I miss you. It is as fresh todaythe tearsas many as it ever was.And no matterhow manypeopleare inthe world,I ameveralonewithoutyou.

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Imissyou.Istillfeelthe touchof yourhand,your kissupon mycheek,yourbreathsoft and warminmy hair,the smell of youwarmin themorning,AndIamsimplyapuddleoftearswithoutyou.

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The Edge

I walkon the edgeofdarkness.I liveon the edgeofdarkness.I existintears.I drownintears.Without youIamlost.Without youIamadriftinanoceanof mytears.Without youIamon the edgeofdarkness.

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It’salldarkness,baby.All ofthisstupiditywithpeoplewho havenoclue.I missyou.I missallofitandallof you.

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Don’t Wait

Whatever it is, don’t put it off. If the baby is laughing, go enjoythe sweetness of it. If your sweetie wants to go to a movie, or cuddle, or watch TV, don’t put it off. Trips, walks, just looking at … Continue reading

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I fall

Everyday,I falltomy kneestothefloor,prayingtodieprayingto bewithyouweeping,awash inmytears. I cannotdo thiscannotlivewithoutyouthis isnotlivingthisisfallinganditwon’tstop untilIfallintoyourarms.

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