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The universe gets in the way, you know? Some days, it’s all I can do to put one foot in front of the other. But the world doesn’t stop turning just because my darling’s dead. It should, but it doesn’t. … Continue reading

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I am nogentlecreature.Thathas allbeenburntaway.I amtheblackandfathomless heartof a dying star,ablack hole full of the screamsof damnedsouls.

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Ask Me

Thisis foreveryonewhoasks mehow i amam i moving onyetamihappy?No.Thoughyoushould knowthat the griefhaschanged.Itissharperdeepermorepainful.itmakesmecatchmy breathandfallto my kneesintearsit’salwaystears.itisnotbetter.itwill neverbebetter,ipushonbecauseihavetobecauseheexpectsmetobutitnotbetter.itisalwaysyesterdayitisalwaystodayitisalwaysnow.soif youlovemeaskinsteadifi needahug.The answerisalwaysyes.Ask me.

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Deathisswift,leavingonlyaflickeringcandleflamein thevastnessofnight.

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I fall

Everyday,I falltomy kneestothefloor,prayingtodieprayingto bewithyouweeping,awash inmytears. I cannotdo thiscannotlivewithoutyouthis isnotlivingthisisfallinganditwon’tstop untilIfallintoyourarms.

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