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No Justice

Another lovely young black man, senselessly gunned down by people who are supposed to be protecting the populace. How could anyone think it was justified? His girlfriend and her four year old daughter were in the car. This is insane. … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

I know that my loved ones are not truly dead, not just because I can feel them near, but because they dwell in the very heart and soul of the divine. Every bit of love they ever had is still … Continue reading

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I am the child of immigrants. My parents are children of immigrants, driven across the Atlantic by the hope, the dream of something better for themselves, their families. My grandfather was a quarrier, holding the spike in one hand and … Continue reading

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I am the dark Blackness a void wrapped in skin Galaxies are in my eyes Out beyond the Rim into the Black

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Mothers’ Day

Mothers’ Day… So many things to so many people. For some it’s the warmth of love, an embrace, a helping hand, support in the bad times and all of the things that make a mother. But For some, it will … Continue reading

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Sailing Through

Grief. It cannot be rushed cannot be pushed aside It will engulf you It will leave you spent and floating between the waves And just when you think you’ve learned to swim it comes raging back a storm a gale … Continue reading

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Grief It is an ocean of longing of feeling   Sometimes it recedes and we lie, beached, catching our breath seeing glimpses of what it was like to not grieve   Sometimes it engulfs us drowning us in the past … Continue reading

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