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Don’t Wait

Whatever it is, don’t put it off. If the baby is laughing, go enjoythe sweetness of it. If your sweetie wants to go to a movie, or cuddle, or watch TV, don’t put it off. Trips, walks, just looking at … Continue reading

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I fall

Everyday,I falltomy kneestothefloor,prayingtodieprayingto bewithyouweeping,awash inmytears. I cannotdo thiscannotlivewithoutyouthis isnotlivingthisisfallinganditwon’tstop untilIfallintoyourarms.

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I amsotiredof all thiswell-meaningignorancethis arrogantassumptionthat they know betterthanIaboutmy grief.All I needistocomfort others.All I needistomove on.Buttruly,all I needisSteve.

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Can’titbeanotherdream?You’re notreallydead.I can still feelthe touchof your handyour hairyour skin,I cansmell you,almost,almosttaste you.I am crazywithlongingwithdespairwithloveandmissingyou.Pleasedon’tmakemewait.

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Youwill alwaysbemy love,loverfriendpartnerhusbanddearbeloved,my heartandsoul.Deathcannotchangethat.

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