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It’salltearswithoutyou.Anythingcan beatrigger.Your music,apicture,anything.AndallIcandoiscryandmissyou.Oh, love,howI missyou.Beyond words,beyond grief,beyond anythingI couldever imagineof pain,that is whereI live.And as longasI amwithout you,that will bemyaddress.Please,let mecome homesoon.I am drowninginan oceanoftears.

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…is what happens between crying jags.

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Nothingmakes upforthe lossofyou,notpretty wordsorsongsoranything.Thereisaholeat thecentreofmy beingwheremy soulusedtobe,wheremyheartusedtobe.I feelyour lossas keenlyas the dayI lost you.More,actually.The only wayIcan copewith itis to saythat every dayisonedaycloserto beingwith youagain.I’m countingthedays,my love.

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WhenDeathcomesI will greet itwithasighofgratitudethatthe wearinessof daysalonearefinally over.WhenDeathcomes,Ihave noregrets,not oneandIwillenterthat embracegladly,willingly,with allthe lovein my heart.When Deathcomes,itwillwearthe faceof my beloved,and Iwill beforevercontentto restinhis arms.

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Youyour spirithaunts memy love.Youare the quietpresence always atmyshoulderand everydayI am driventotearswithout youherewith meinthe flesh.Though I amgratefulyou are close,I would solovea hug,a smile,oneofyour laughs.I miss you.I love you.

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