And yet another one has taken himself out of this world…

Ah, tear my heart out. Another friend has passed too soon. I will miss you, Badger. And though I’m sure you thought your death would affect no one, like a stone thrown in the water, the ripples run all the way to the far shore and back again. May you rest beyond the veil, may you be whole and happy again, and may you be with Steffan and all the rest that have gone before. And if there is indeed nothing like that after, then may you return to the star stuff you came from, sparkling in the night sky, just beyond the edge of sight.

Ave atque vale.

The biggest problem with people who are in that position, in that darkness of soul, is that their world looks no farther than themselves and their overwhelming pain. They cannot look beyond to see how much hurt they do to their larger circle of family and friends by proceeding on that path. Perhaps they believe that no one really cares, that everyone will be better off, but they’re lying to themselves for justification. We who are left behind are damaged by their actions. We grieve, we wonder if there was a sign, a something that we could have done, and there is such a ragged hole left by their departures.

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