It’s a silly thing, but…

I miss her. I never met her in person, though my beloved tells me she once served me coffee at Folklife. But, I miss her, as sharply as if I’d known her forever. I loved reading her blog, those little snippets of herself, interspersed with travels and travails. I hope that my comments brightened her day and maybe gave her a perspective she hadn’t thought of before. I know that I enjoyed the conversation immensely, and that, even though I know that there will be no new posts from her, I still expect them. Tears spring when I remember that she’s gone from this plane.

I hope that, wherever you are, Diane, that the day is fair, the breezes gentle and laden with the sweet perfume of incense, that every trace of illness or worry or fear has been erased from your countenance, and that you are reunited with your best beloveds, to rest and recover until time for the next life. May the Mother of God hold you close and safe.

I will miss you for the rest of my life.

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