It’s been a strange few months…

It’s been another year with an amazing amount of death. Miyoko, Michaela and Arwen were the start. One of my friends lost her mother over the summer, a wonderful, sparkling, funny woman with an infectious laugh and a constant smile. Sadly, my friend’s sibling has decided that severe drama is the way to deal with grief and is making life hell for all and sundry.

Then Mum became sick. Just a cold at first, and then sudden memory loss. After several months of doctors, hospitals, bloodwork and worry, she’s fine again, but it was a reminder that she’s 88.

And more people ill and poor, watching the world descend into seeming madness while we sit in our little bubble.

Now Diane has left the building. It was so fast, and I still can’t believe that it’s real, that she’s gone. I had truly hoped that she would get her miracle, but no. I enjoyed her posts. I hope that she enjoyed mine.

I was reading about the Russian Orthodox Church the other day, and the fact that they don’t believe in a specific heaven or hell, that in fact they are one and the same place. The only difference is in how you experience God’s love. If you accept the Divine Love, then that’s what you experience: true bliss in beholding the face and feeling the love. If you don’t, then God still loves you, but you can’t experience that as love. Instead, it burns. So, hell isn’t the absence of God or Love, but being unable to experience it. It’s like being at a banquet and unable to eat any of the food.

I hope that Diane gets the kind of heaven she hoped for, the kind that my friend, Helen hoped for: that she rests in the arms of the Mother of God, with family by her side. That she finally has her healing, and is incandescent with Love.

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