So much death…

In May, some friends lost their 22 year old daughter to misadventure. It was early morning, the day after Mother’s Day, and she was coming back from a wedding. The road was dark, unlit with no signage to warn her that the broad road she was on would be turning into a boat launch. They found her the next morning, still strapped into her seat.

A few days ago, another pair of friends lost their 23 year old daughter to suicide. She had a new job and seemed happy with the way life was going. Her father and brother stepped out of the house for a few minutes and when they came back, she’d hung herself.

Now, in both cases, I feel that probably, they’d both done everything they were supposed to do this time around. BUT, in the case of suicide, chances are that next time, she’ll be confronted with exactly the same situation. How she chooses to deal with it will define her lives. Will she learn from it? HAS she learned from it? Obviously, she’s the only one that knows. But I hope so. I hope that she has some kind of peace that she didn’t feel she had in this life.

Ave atque vale.

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