Weird day

The trees in the backyard are moving a bit, lazily in the breeze. The skies are dark again. They don’t seem to be able to make up their minds between clouds and sun and rain and hail and all sorts of weather. March is truly coming like a lion…a very large, clumsy, confused, excited lion. Today was the same as yesterday: clouds, sun, hail and eventually, rain.

I hope for warmer weather soon. The roses are starting to green.

Ever notice how down people are on themselves? For whatever reason, they look in the mirror and decide they’re not pretty enough, not thin enough, not good enough, not nice enough, not forceful enough, not fit enough, not holy enough. Where do they get this from? The mirror is totally indifferent. It doesn’t care about your politics, your beauty or perceived lack of it, your wealth, or anything else. It simply exists to reflect your image back to you. And there’s the problem. As soon as our brains get hold of that image, we play with it, tease it, club it and otherwise abuse it until it’s nothing like what’s in the mirror. Hmm. If only we could all be as objective as the mirror.

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