Bumps on the way to Valentine’s Day

I’ve been so busy that there’s been almost no time to write. This isn’t what I envisioned at all, and most of it isn’t for pay, sadly. However, there’s a quiet moment, so here I am, banging away at the keyboard, trying to say something deep, or meaningful, or…what the hell…I’d just settle for coherent today.

Valentine’s Day (or Lupercalia, for those of you who celebrate) was a mixed bag. On our way to a lovely tea shop, for a cozy afternoon tea, our poor little Smart car was rear-ended…by an enormous Chevy SUV. I don’t get it. We’re sitting at the light, it’s daytime, our brake lights work. What IS the problem. This guy not only didn’t try to stop or change lanes, he actually sped up trying to beat the light…and this from a good half block away. The only thing I can figure is that he was busy talking to his passenger and just saw the light turn yellow. If we hadn’t taken the foot off the brake and tried to gun the engine, it would’ve been much worse. As it was, we simply couldn’t outrun him and he slammed into us at about 40. He put an imprint of his license plate in the bumper. To the car’s credit, we were unhurt, and it didn’t do that much damage to the car. He’s paying for it personally, rather than have it show up on his insurance. Works for us.

So after THAT nerve-wracking experience, we did have a lovely tea and still had time to nip over to the cemetery and leave flowers for a dear friend. There’s nothing like tea to soothe the nerves, and the silence of the cemetery is a healing balm.

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