Sigh. No good deed goes unpunished

Yesterday, I set out to put a band on one of those sites where you can expose hundreds of thousands of people to your music. Not my band, but the sweetie’s band. I worked on it all day, picking photos, finding the right thing to say, the right music, the right background, getting it all perfect so people could see it, and perhaps it would generate some more gigs.

It looked great. It sounded great. The band was getting a lot of compliments. So one of the band members objects to the streaming songs, saying that he hasn’t copyrighted his yet. He’s been playing it for 10 years and he hasn’t copyrighted it yet??? But it’s only streaming, right? So then he’s afraid that someone will put a tape recorder up the computer and steal it. Who the hell owns a tape recorder? And what about every time someone records or videos the band at a gig? Aren’t they afraid someone will steal it then? So the upshot is that all of my lovely, hard work, and I had to delete it.

And now I’m cranky. And I’m not going to want to even remotely consider doing this for them again.

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