It’s sliding toward evening…

The towering firs in the back yard are black, forbidding shadows against the soft, grey sky. A wind is up and making the branches dance madly. The occasional pine cone falls, adding a drumbeat as it hits the greenhouse.

I can see to the far west through my curtain, still bands of light against the dark as the sun makes his slow descent into the belly of the night. The Egyptians said that Ra in His solar boat was swallowed by the Apep Serpent every evening, and had to fight Himself free by morning. It feels like one of those dusks tonight, everything poised and ready to be sucked into the vortex of the night.

I love to wrap myself in that Darkness, to hold it to me and walk within it, as if it was a velvet cloak, blacker than ebony, with no stars gleaming from within the satin lining. It comforts me far more than the day.

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