Sad day

I remember growing up listening to the Beatles. I noticed in a newspaper article, someone said they were the “soundtrack of their childhood”. That was true for me, though I was a bit older. I followed them, even after the breakup. What John and Yoko were doing was radical and exciting.

And then he was gone. I didn’t believe it at first. I thought that they must be mistaken. Who would ever want to gun down John Lennon? He was such a gentle man, singing and working for peace. He was a husband, a father, a brilliant musician. How could a maniac cut that short? And how could anyone with any kind of a conscience do that to his wife, his sons?

I still don’t understand.

And yet, Yoko goes on. She’s raised Sean into a beautiful, strong, talented young man. She’s been a tigress guarding John’s legacy, and has continued to work and sing for peace.

How can we do any less? If we truly want to honour John’s life and what he did with it, every day should be about peace, love and understanding.

How hard could it be?

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