Angry people, life on simmer…

Everywhere I look, in everything I read, I see anger. There’s anger at the poor, the unions, the rich, the privileged, the disabled, the sick, but mostly at the poor. People look down their noses at the families living in their cars because they can’t afford a place to live. We are trained to think of these people as invisible, If we don’t see them, they don’t exist, right?

But people are SO angry these days. Angry at their government for levying taxes, angry at everything the taxes are spent on, especially if it doesn’t directly benefit THEM. And yet, let them need those services that they would so willingly cut, and they would scream the loudest for them to be reinstated.

There seems to be a new movement in this country. It’s called, “I’ve got mine, screw you.” Charity and kindness have withered on the vine, dried up and blown away before the desert wind of “austerity measures”. And what’s truly sad is that the majority of these “conservative” haters would consider themselves to be good Christians. How do they reconcile their anger with “What you do to the least of these, you do to me.”? Their Jesus talked about taking care of the lame, the poor, the sick. And yet, these people would cut every program that benefits these very things.

There is no understanding it. There is just continuing, in whatever way gives you peace and brings you joy. Life is too short for anger. Life is too short for hate.

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