Friends are the family you get to pick

How do you count your friends? Are they everyone that you know, talk to, greet? Are they divided out into work friends, home friends, family friends?

Me, I have lots of…people I know.

I have people I don’t know very well, acquaintances. Those are the people that own nearby stores that I visit, that know me, that I talk to, but outside the store, we really don’t see each other.

I have friends…but there are friends and there are FRIENDS. Some of them are casual, some of them are the kind that only call you when they want something: still ok to talk to, but lacking in any real feeling, some are the ones I only see or hear from once a year.

And then there are FRIENDS, or the family that I get to pick. These are my close people, my buddies, those people that I could call at 2 in the morning and they’d listen to me, and vice versa. These are the friends that make life worth living. They call me for no reason, they laugh at my jokes, and even if I don’t talk to them every day, I know that they are steadfast and true. It makes life a great thing.

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